Professional Services customized to meet clients needs and wants.

We make sure your career is getting the attention & results that you need to become successful on and off the field.

Contract Negotiations

With more than 25 years having served as certified contract advisors, SportsWest has negotiated more than $800M in professional football contracts.

Player Marketing

We strive to develop our clients both on the gridiron and everyday life. Through Personal Brand Development, PR, Social Media, Endorsements, Training, Nutrition, and much more.

Training & Skill Development

We get you ready for the NFL with speed, strength, athleticism, and football IQ which are the primary determinants that teams look for


It more than just numbers, we help create banking relationships, find the right accountant, and screen financial advisors.


Let us connect you with the best in the business for the issues you face. Don’t get stuck with second rate lawyers.

Player Management & Ancillary Services

Its all about you, we not only help you with football we care about you, from nutrition to fitness and mental acuity.

Contract Negotiations

With more than 25 years having served as certified contract advisor(s) SportsWest Football has negotiated more than $800M in professional football contracts. Further within the scope of these negotiation SW has negotiated multiple contracts that have made players the highest paid on their respective teams, positions, and League. On the legal front, SportSWest negotiations have helped change the landscape of the CBA (Collective Bargaining agreement).

  • Webster Slaughter one of the 5 original plaintiffs that created NFL free-agency
  • Ted Washington Arbitration Win changed how the NFL applies the Franchise & Transition Tags
  • Pat Williams and Grady Jackson “StarCap” case victory proved to be the catalyst for rule changes to the NFL performance-enhancing drug policy

Our past success and common sense negotiation style where “old school” values such as a “bird in the hand logic propels our firm to gain great percentages of front-loaded contracts and guarantees. Formidable, creative, and player advantaged contracts reflect our keen football acumen, and penchant for getting the most money for our clients.

Negotiation Highlights

  • Ted Washington contract highest paid in Bills history (1998)
  • Pat Williams Buffalo Bills 2000 Restricted Free Agent extension largest for a D lineman
  • Pat Williams Minnesota Viking 3 yr. $24M contract extension at 35 years old; Most ever for A NT ($8M per year avg.)
  • Alex Molden Rookie Contract/7 year deal void to 5yr. 1st even negotiated as a non-top ten deal into a Top ten contract
  • WR Tony Hargain largest contract negotiated in pre-salary cap period
  • Since 1993, the inception of the “Cap Era”, Angelo Wright has negotiated 1st Round draft picks contracts, with such players as:
    • Ted Washington (49ers, 11th Pick, 1991)
    • Sean Dawkins (Colts, 16th pick, 1993)
    • Sam Adams (Seahawks, 8th pick, 1994)
    • Alex Molden (Saints, 11thpick, 1996)
  • One of the few agents who have successfully negotiated both escalator and voidable clauses into the contracts of 1st Round draft picks, a very important provision for future earning potential based upon performance and market value.
  • In 2013, SportsWest client Jon Fanene successfully settled with Patriots on a Greivance where the club sought to reclaim his signing Bonus.
  • SportsWest Football client Webster Slaughter was one of the first NFL free agents, a landmark decision which changed the negotiation boundaries of professional football.
  • In 1998, SportsWest Football client Ted Washington was the first NFL player to have a team designated “franchise tag” removed via legal intervention. This unprecedented accomplishment set the stage for SportsWest to negotiate a contract making him the highest paid player in Buffalo Bills History.
  • In 2000, negotiated the largest ever restricted free-agent contract for a defensive player. (Pat Williams, Buffalo Bills 5yr. $12.5 million w/$3.8 million signing bonus).
  • In 2000, negotiated the highest average Veteran Free Agent contract for a defensive lineman (Sam Adams 4yr. 20 million- Baltimore Ravens)
  • In 2001, negotiated one of the top cornerback free-agent deals Alex Molden 6yr. $16.1 million w/San Diego Chargers-player only started 5 games prior season with New Orleans Saints.
  • In 2004, negotiated richest non-QB deal in NFL History for player over 34 years-olds Ted Washington Raider’s Deal
  • In 2005, Pat Williams (undrafted) signed a top dollar deal for a defensive tackle in Free Agency. (Pat Williams, Minnesota Vikings 3yr. $13 million w/ $6 million signing bonus). 3rd Highest Paid Defensive Tackle in 2005.
  • In 2006, Ted Washington signed a 2 Year 7.1 Million Dollar Deal w/ 4 million guaranteed with the Cleveland Browns making him the highest paid non-QB over the age of 36 years old.
  • Unsurpassed record for placing undrafted players on NFL rosters
  • Overall, a consistent record of solid, well-negotiated contracts for SportsWest Football clients.

Player Marketing

SportsWest Football’s marketing efforts utilize both in-house and outside marketers to aggressively pursue endorsement opportunities for our clients, both regionally and nationally. This strategy allows us to develop opportunities which are consistent with the client’s popularity and marketability.

Brand Development & Public Relations

Each SportsWest client represents an individual brand that can be forged, and crafted into a value-added asset for the player both on and off the field. At SportsWest, we communicate with the player To design and implement a strategy to garner the player more visibility, and enhance his “likeability”. This process includes building a social media platform (facebook, twitter, etc.) and a general alignment to both team and community initiatives.

Fan Management

Monitoring of a player’s social media platform allows the firm to analyze fan behavior and response to the players’ successes and opportunity for increased likeability. This measurement of fan appeal is the cornerstone for opening doors for player marketing opportunities, appearances, and endorsements.

Social Media Management and Strategy

Understanding the machinations of the Social Media mechanisms gives our team the opportunity to
Develop a comprehensive plan to meet our clients goals and brand objectives. Through our collective efforts via Brand Development, Fan management, and Public relations we can forge a global design for the clients media platform.


At SportsWest, we utilize both in-house and outside marketing agents to pursue, and secure endorsements for our clients.

  • Trading Card Deals & Memorabilia
  • Store Appearances
  • Automotive Deals
  • Shoe & Apparel Contracts
  • Vitamin & Healthy Supplement Company Deals
  • Food & Beverage Endorsements
  • Public Service Endorsements
  • Product Rep Deals

By combining the efforts of both outside and inside marketers SportsWest maximizes the opportunities for its clients.

Non-Sports Entertainment Opportunities

SportsWest offers the opportunity for its clients to pursue entertainment opportunites in Music, Cinema, and Television through its vast relationships in the entertainment industry.
We have negotiated TV show deals with networks (VH1, Discover); Reality shows, Movie Cameos,
Recording contracts, and more. Further, we have established and nurtured many relationships
In Hollywood.


Draft Preparation

NFL teams seek to draft players who have the physical presence and upside to contribute immediately upon their entry to the NFL. Speed, Strength, and athleticism, and football IQ are the primary determinants that teams look for in deciding who to draft.

Further, at we at SportsWest customize our clients draft preparation by evaluating the clients NFL readiness via several factors:

  1. Measureables (Ht’/Wt/Speed)
  2. Areas of skill needing development
  3. Position technique competency
  4. Time frame for development

Player Draft Plan

  • Pre-All-Star game Boot camp (2-4 week duration)
  • Combine Training (4-10 weeks)
  • PRO Day /Individual Workouts (6-8 weeks)
  • Individual Workout Video

Personal Trainers

We feature an in house training and coaching staff along with relationships with sports trainers and facilities nationwide. In house trainers:

  • Trainer Raymond Farris
  • Coach James Garcia
  • Trainer Steve Christian

Services Provided:

  • Proper nutrition plan for optimal physical well-being
  • Preparation for NFL Draft Combine & Individual Workouts
  • Development of Off-season Workouts programs
  • Specific Skill Development:
    • LB/DB – feet, hips, hand & eye coordination, coverage
    • WR/TE – hands, speed, route-running, & separation skills
    • OL/DL – feet, hands, acceleration & quickness, strength development, body control, weight maintenance
    • RB – hands, feet, burst, speed, vision, strength, agility
    • QB – mechanics, speed, agility, conditioning, strength

Position Specific Skill Development

Unlike many agents and agencies that lack advanced football knowledge, we mandate that draft
Preparation training utilize coaches, and trainers who have taught positional football. Moreover, many facilities employ athletic trainers who have either never coached or played football at the higher levels. At SportsWest, we strenuously mandate that our clients training environment utilizes our input from information that we have secured from NFL clubs. This input assists in establishing a blueprint for training success for our clients.

Pre-All-Star Game Boot Camp

We believe that the 2-4 week period prior to a client’s participation in a collegiate all-star game is the most important time period for collegiate prospects to maximize their potential. Succinctly, the player who shows up to his all-star game(s) in great shape, sharp mentally, and position skill proficient has the best opportunity to raise his draft status for the prospective NFL scouts.

  • Intense conditioning
  • Technique and fundamental practice

Combine Training

Building upon a player’s All-Star game, and pre-game conditioning… Our clients take the next month fine tuning there readiness for the Combine. We take a “hands-on” approach to working with the trainer’s and training facilities communicating with them the desired goals of our firm and our clients. All areas: Combine Drills, Bench Press, Footwork, etc. are discussed with a particular emphasis on the areas needing improvement as conveyed to us by NFL scouting personnel.

Independent Medical Evaluations

At SportsWest we have been fortunate over the years to develop relationships with many of the top sports medicine practitioners in the world. Our consults provide our clients with the comfort of knowing that their health is in the hands of Doctor’s who care about their well-being.


Independent Accountancy:

Recommended Accountants:


  • All parties are experienced in both tax planning and preparation for pro athletes
  • Keen understanding of player’s career cash-flow concerns
  • Sound, practical and conservative in their approach
  • Independent evaluation of financial planning strategies
  • Business ventures and investment opportunities

Financial Institutions

SportsWest Football has working relationships with multiple top financial institutions in the United States. These banks provide bridge loans and credit lines to those top players who seek to establish long-term financial relationships.

 Player Management & Ancillary Services

Post-Career Advisement and Assistance

Annually SportsWest dialogues with each client to assess where the individual is with respect to future career and life plans. Working off of “goal sheets,” we are able to help our clients map out both their career and life plans. Further, we assist our clients with securing both venture capital, and Loans to pursue business ventures. Internships, College re-entry, Non-Football career employment.

Medical & Worker’s Comp Assistance

As a client navigates his way through the physical demands of his football career, there often cumulative injuries that have affected him. At SportsWest we make sure that every client is educated to the benefits and remedies that are at his disposal. Whether it is assisting the player with understanding what NFLPA benefits are available to him, or if he needs our assistance in making sure that he worker’s comp case is filed properly, SportsWest remains vigilant in its’ commitment to retired clients.

Medical Advisors

SportsWest Football, unlike many of our competitors, enjoys solid relationships with the following team doctors who provide independent and honest medical evaluations regarding an athlete’s injuries and health problems:

  • Dr. Arthur Ting (Team Doctor- NHL San Jose Sharks/Arena Football League’s San Jose SaberCats)

Ancillary Services

Concierge Service
SportsWest Football has assembled an array of impressive lifestyle management consultants who can assist the firm’s clients with a wide variety of their personal needs. These concierges form a national network throughout the NFL and assist our clients with any needs ranging from: vacation planning, theatre & concert tickets, weddings, birthday, & Anniversary parties, and many more personal needs.

Travel Services
SportsWest Football works closely with Outbound Travel to provide competent, efficient and low-cost travel services for our clients, along with their families and special friends, by featuring:

  • Toll-free, 24-hour customer service
  • Direct and personal contact to meet a client’s specific needs
  • Solid understanding of a professional athlete’s unique travel and scheduling needs

Real Estate/Mortgage Banking Services
SportsWest Football works closely with several real estate and mortgage specialists to save our client’s money when purchasing a new home. We also have close alliances with expert, highly successful commercial and investment real estate professionals. These professionals act as advisors to our clients who seek to acquire real estate for investment purposes.

Personal Services

  • Credit Repair
  • Personal Tailoring
  • Cellular Communications
  • Post Career Planning

Million in Pro Contracts

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